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Cinnamon bey beruwala 5

Прежние редакции Политики конфиденциальности: — от Проверенные отзывы от реальных гостей. Дата заезда Дата отъезда. Настоящие поездки. Никакого "вида на море" у них нет в принципе бронировали именно его.

Cinnamon Bey Beruwala — это отличное место для остановки во время вашего путешествия. Cinnamon Bey Beruwala предлагает путешественникам комфортное проживание в городе Moragalla. Выбрать номера. Все 61 отзыва. Все удобства. Поезд: Bentota Railway Station.

Поезд: Induruwa Railway Station. Ориентир: Морагалла Бич. Номер Делюкс 1 Кровать «king-size» или 2 Односпальная кровать. С окном. Для некурящих.

Ежедневная уборка. Wi-Fi в номере. Проверить наличие. Номер Делюкс рядом с морем 1 Кровать «king-size» или 2 Односпальная кровать. Бесплатный Wi-Fi. Кондиционирование воздуха. Собственная ванная комната. Улучшенный номер рядом с морем 1 Кровать «king-size» или 2 Односпальная кровать. Номер Делюкс с видом на бассейн кровать «king-size», с террасой 1 Кровать «king-size». Люкс С окном. Полулюкс С окном. Улучшенный номер 1 Кровать «king-size» или 2 Односпальная кровать.

Улучшенный номер с видом на сад с террасой 1 Кровать «king-size» или 2 Односпальная кровать. Зубная щетка. Отдельный туалет. Скрыть типы номеров. Подлинные отзывы. Чистота 4,4. Удобства 4,3. Местоположение 4,2. Сервис 4,2. Хороший отель на первой линии океана, расположен вдали от дороги и от города, в несезон поблизости нет кафешек и мест где можно покушать, поэтому питаться придётся в отеле, можно взять шведский стол на обед и ужин.

Пляж у отеля это единственное место для купания в несезон, природный волнорез защищает берег и образует подобие океанского бассейна.

Те кто ищет спокойного отдыха вдали от действительности Шри-Ланки-вам сюда!!

İnternational Buffet තියෙන යාලේ කැලේ මැද තියෙන ලස්සන හොටෙල් එක - Cinnamon Wild Yala Hotel - Luxury

Анонимный пользователь. Обстановка в комнате очень хорошая, потому что на этот раз я был слишком занят, я не забронировал столик на ужин, поэтому мне придется сделать заказ в следующий раз, так что завтрак слишком обильный, и я с нетерпением жду возможности вернуться в следующий раз. Текст оригинала Перевод предоставлен Google. We asked him about the excursions, looked at the photos, memorized some positions, took the phone.

The next day, they asked the beach-boys for their prices, what is included in the tour, compared - and made conclusions. As a result, we went with Indica on a safari to Yalla, to a turtle farm, on a boat trip to watch whales, in Galle and on a boat along Bentota. All excursions were very good. Indica is fluent in English, partially knows Russian, and continues to learn it. Sometimes it hangs in search of the right word, but in the end - understanding is always achieved.

He also helped us on trips to the city on his tuk-tuk , helped with the selection and purchase of fruits. My husband bargained with the merchants - with the help of a calculator, and Indica helped a lot as a translator. He probably had some percentage of our purchases, but in fact he saved us so much time, and spent so much of his time on us that we have nothing against the fact that he earns some extra penny there are local - not to say that it is prosperous.

On the ocean But you need to be careful, there is a very flat bottom, respectively, the rip current is quite strong. If you feel that the outgoing wave is dragging very strongly towards the ocean, it is better to move meters further to the side.

Well, do not go deep, it is much more difficult to overcome the rip current there. And be careful with the sun - on our first day it was very cloudy, but in 20 minutes in the ocean we were able to burn out. I really liked my vacation in Sri Lanka, I think we will come back more than once. In the course of the rest it turned out that we only like to spend the night and have breakfast in the hotel.

A few more words about Join UP! We never saw our hotel guide Olga. It appeared in the vibe after our question to the travel agency if there was any representative of the tour operator here. Left the impression of a completely incompetent person. We had a night flight back, Olya was asked how to arrange a late check-out, she advised me to find out at the reception.

Then it turned out that you need to pay for the departure for a day or two, otherwise they are evicted as expected at Olya, of course, could not tell us this, it seemed to us that she did not know anything at all. Another interesting point about the tour operator.

Our departure was at , the bus arrived for us at EIGHT and a half hours before departure! As a result, we arrived at the airport at - in some small uncomfortable bus, and waited a very long time for at least the start of registration for our flight. But representatives of Join UP! A very unpleasant impression from the tour operator, and this is our second experience of buying a tour from this company.

Most likely - the latter, there are many tour operators, there are always options for whom to take their money. Good hotel. The hotel was settled very quickly, the service is good, the food is decent. Good hotel, especially if traveling with children. We chose this hotel because a reef runs along the beach at a distance of 50 meters from the shore, which prevents the waves from dragging you into the ocean. But for diving enthusiasts, this is not suitable.

Small, but safe, you can safely go on vacation with the kids. The food is normal certainly not Turkey, but not Europe either. There is a choice of products. And there are many cafes on the coast where you can enjoy seafood at your fingertips.

We flew out at night, at 10 pm a taxi came for us the transfer is included in the price of the tour , but no one drove out of the room, we vacated the room minutes before the taxi arrived. In general, they were satisfied with the rest. The price matched the quality. Good luck to all. The hotel is good, but because of the reef the ocean is shallow. First time flying to Sri Lanka. The tour was from Arrived in Colombo at night. The time difference is about 3.

We received our luggage without any problems, in the same place on the territory of the airport they changed some currency for their rupees the rate was We arrived without problems on the autobahn.

We were greeted with wet towels, but drinks, as vacationers wrote in the reviews, were not offered. We bought a tour with a late check-out, took breakfast and dinner. On the 22nd, when we arrived, we were supposed to have only dinner, and on the evening of the 29th, before leaving the hotel, we were supposed to be given a breakfast ration, since we flew out on the night of the 30th.

But our valiant guide Dumidu arranged for us to be fed on the morning of the 22nd, which was very helpful. Since we arrived almost at 8 in the morning, and the settlement was at 12, naturally there were no rooms. We had breakfast, walked around the territory and went to find out about the room.

At the reception, everyone speaks English, but with our level of knowledge, it was difficult to understand them, but resourceful staff types in English on a computer and translates into Russian.

So there were no problems in communication. There were bathrobes no slippers , hair dryer, toiletries soap, shower gel, shampoo, body lotion , free safe, paid minibar, kettle water, tea, coffee, sugar bags - free of charge , iron, scales, a huge shower with a bath, located on the balcony, enclosed by a wall. In doubles, the bathroom is just on the open balcony. The food is mostly ok you can find not too peppery food.

In the morning, usually scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, cooked immediately, bacon, sausages, types of side dishes - potatoes, rice, noodles, beans or stewed vegetables, several types of muesli, yogurt, salads, 2 types of sausage, types of cheese, 5 types of juices.

Pour tea, coffee, milk. Fruits were bananas, papayas, pineapples, watermelon. For dinner there were more side dishes, 2 types of soup, chicken, fish, pork, a little more salads, fruits, there were 2 types of ice cream, kurt is our sour cool. Drinks in the evening are all paid. Water is simple rupees, a bottle of their Leo beer costs rupees, but there is a tax on alcohol - another rupees, that is, beer turned out to be rupees 4.

You sign a check, and then you pay at the reception. Regarding the beach: you can safely go here with the kids at this time. Due to the fact that at a distance of meters from the coast, a reef runs parallel to the beach, holding back waves from the ocean, and in the mornings there is still low tide, the deepest place is about Take beach towels and an umbrella with you.

Everything is located on the territory of the hotel, and no one lies on the public beach. Walking along the coast, you can taste freshly cooked seafood mixed shrimp, lobster, fish steak, squid, crab plus salad, rice, french fries in local restaurants, within rupees, i.

Near the hotel at the entrance there is a knitwear shop, but on the beach there are a lot of parero and souvenirs selling. For food alcohol, fruit, etc.


Right there on the beach there are a lot of beachboys who speak Russian quite tolerably, offering you excursions and a tuk-tuk three-wheeled cool bibika for rupees to go to the nearest shops.

We took a private day trip from our operators to Kandy city a bit more expensive than the beachboys. We left at 4. Monkeys were not seen. The last on the list was the Temple of the Tooth Relic. We listened to an exciting story about Buddhism, saw the splendor of the temple there is a dress code - an opaque top; shorts, skirts, etc. On the way back, we stopped near fruit markets.

Prices in the vicinity of Kandy for fruits are 2 times cheaper than in Beruwala. We bought mangoes in the vicinity of Kandy for rupees per kg, pineapples for rupees. Red rum is approximately the same price in all areas - from to rupees for a 0.

They have an unusual lemonade with ginger. Our tour operator gave us an unexpected gift in honor of the 30th anniversary of our life together. On the 4th day of rest, we were told that we should collect our things and release the deluxe, since the tour operator paid us only for the first 3 days of our stay in this hotel, then for a day we have to leave for another Blu water hotel, then we will return here again, but in a different room.

Supposedly, so that we would not be bored. To collect a suitcase the employees themselves took it out of the room and handed it over to the storage room at the hotel , vacate the room, take some things with them, drive for almost an hour to another hotel - the mood dropped a little. But a warm welcome smiling staff, again wet towels and already 2 types of soft drinks, quick check-in, a magnificent room, chic territory, a compliment in honor of the anniversary in the form of fruits, chocolates and a bunch of balloons cheered up.

Almost tame herons walk around the territory, chipmunks run. The territory is planted with palm trees, on which crows flock in the evening, their number and croaking is a little annoying, and the fact that they are trying to scare them away with the help of firecrackers worries them even more.

When checking out from hotels, neither in Cinnamon Bay nor in Blu water, our minibars were checked, although many write that there were problems with this. And no one drove us out of the room by the neck, we ourselves vacated the room 20 minutes before the car arrived at the airport. Great hotel on a paradise island The hotel is located 2. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were greeted by smiling staff very friendly, with cold fresh juices, tea and wet towels.

We were taken to our room almost immediately. We had a superior room with an ocean view. This type of room does not have a bath, only a shower. The room is spacious and bright. The furniture is new, a plasma TV with a Russian-language TV channel in case of bad weather; Unfortunately, rains are a frequent occurrence in Sri Lanka. The hotel is just super, corresponds to its five stars!!! Very positive staff, service at the highest level.

Room cleaning - daily. Bath accessories shower gel, lotion, shampoo , tea, coffee, cream are updated every day The only thing is, there are no slippers and bathrobes in the rooms.

Cinnamon bey beruwala 5

The location of the hotel is very convenient - you can walk to the market and shops. I advise you to walk a little, you can see a lot of interesting things. Just trade with them. The only huge minus for the hotel is the beach. I am writing for those who were not informed in detail before leaving for Sri Lanka. The beaches there are different. In Beruwella, including near the Cinnamon Bay hotel, there is a beach with small shell rock and stones.

Yes, the presence of a coral reef in the vicinity of the coast forms a small lagoon, because. But this is not a plus at all, in my opinion.

On the contrary. We entered the ocean with caution, constantly afraid to step on some stone or piece of reef. We my husband took a little ride along the southern coast of Sri Lanka Therefore, I can safely advise the beach of the city of Hikkaduwa Light, soft sand, wide coastline.

We were just delighted. This is probably the best beach in Sri Lanka Sorry, got a little off topic. Food - we only had breakfast. And we did not regret it much We mostly dined at the "Sunflowers" restaurant. It is located on the ocean, about 5 minutes walk from the hotel to the left along the coast.

The prices there are reasonable and very tasty!! Lobsters, king prawns, fish. Everything is very tasty and huge portions We met a local resident, with whom we traveled a lot on Tuk-tuk. He is Russian-speaking, very kind and positive man He showed and told us a lot of things. His name is Ranga. He conducts excursions and can simply drive around the city, show where and what you can buy at normal prices.

His contact number in Sri Lanka is Maybe it will be useful for someone : P. All of the above is just my personal opinion! Sri Lanka is heaven on earth!! Первая линия. Сертификат устойчивого развития.

Cinnamon Bey Beruwala. После завершения бронирования все контактные данные объекта размещения, включая номер телефона и адрес, указываются в подтверждении бронирования, а также в вашем аккаунте.

Хорошо Оценка хорошо. Турция отдыхает. Природа фантастическая, люди приветливые. И отдых складывается сам собой оч хорошо. Vladimir Россия. Очень вкусный завтрак! Фрукты,каша, хлопья,омлеты, сладкое и ланкийская кухня и многое другое! Территория отеля большая, зеленая. Бассейн хороший и чистый Некоторые Лежаки прямо с видом на океан Угостили нас одним чаепитием и снеками.

Катерина Россия. Соотношение цена качество!!! Персонал доброжелательный,питание хорошее,но на любителей Пляж грязноват,но не критично! Был первый раз на Шри-Ланке Тимурад Россия. Dilan dissanayake сделал наш отдых в Cinnamon комфортным и приятным.

Sergey Россия. Приятный персонал, уютное месторасположение и отличные номера! Очень понравилось :. Хорошая большая территория Хорошее питание , всегда можно что - то найти и себе и детям. Много фруктов , на обед и ужин мороженое 3 вида. Большой чистый бассейн, первая линия. Персонал очень отзывчивый , всегда помогают , приносят полотенца на лежак , хорошее и быстрое обслуживание в ресторане. Alisa Россия. Elena Россия. Великолепный отель. Возвращаемся туда уже третий раз хотя обычно стараемся не останавливаться в одном и том же жилье.

Dmitry Украина. Отель небольшой, но все достаточно удобно. Очень разнообразное питание, много национальных блюд, было интересно попробовать. Вкусная овсяная каша на завтрак, ребёнок ел с удовольствием.

Лагуну закрывает риф, поэтому можно спокойно поплавать и взрослому и ребёнку. Екатерина Россия. Уборка и в номерах, и территории на высоте - Очень хороший сигнал Wi-Fi, что редкость для Шри-Ланки - Огромный выбор блюд на завтраке, ужине.

Всё свежее, очень вкусное.

Cinnamon Bey Beruwala - My Travel Diaries Vlog 03 #vlog #bey #cinnamon #beruwala #mytraveldiary

Marina Россия. Рядом пляж с высокой оценкой Рядом пляж с высокой оценкой. Cinnamon Bey Beruwala Забронировать прямо сейчас Галерея. Вид на море. Принадлежности для барбекю. Бесплатный Wi-Fi. Бесплатная парковка. Вы можете получить Genius-скидку в Cinnamon Bey Beruwala!

Чтобы сэкономить на этом жилье, просто войдите в аккаунт. Насладитесь великолепным сервисом в Cinnamon Bey Beruwala Курортный отель Cinnamon Bey расположен посреди кокосовых пальм и бескрайних зелёных лугов и предлагает свои гостям светлые и просторные номера с собственным балконом. Самые популярные удобства и услуги. Пляж первая линия.

Cinnamon bey beruwala 5

Преимущества этого варианта Отличное расположение: высокие оценки от недавно побывавших гостей 8,5. Сохранить жилье. Войдите в аккаунт и сэкономьте. Войти в аккаунт Создать аккаунт. Наличие мест Мы возвращаем разницу в цене. Выберите даты, чтобы увидеть доступные места и цены. Дата заезда — Дата отъезда. Проверить цены. Тип номера. Улучшенная номер с террасой в саду. Показать цены. Улучшенный номер. Улучшенный номер с видом на океан. Номер Делюкс у бассейна с террасой. Номер Делюкс с видом на океан.

Что-то пошло не так. Пожалуйста, попробуйте снова. У этого варианта жилья есть один или несколько сторонних сертификатов устойчивого развития. Узнать больше. Отзывы гостей. Посмотреть места. Выберите темы:. Персонал Номер Питание Еда Завтрак. Что гостям понравилось:. И отдых складывается сам собой оч хорошо ».

Очень понравилось : ». Персонал очень отзывчивый Лагуну закрывает риф, поэтому можно Вопросы и ответы об объекте. Посмотрите, что спрашивают другие гости, чтобы узнать побольше об этом жилье. I would appreciate for you prompt reply. Kind regards, Fedor.

Dear Guest, Apologies for the delay, unfortunately in-house guest are only allowed on specified excursions within the tourist bubble. Is this offer for FB or HB? Depends on your choosing you can check the offer. Do you have to vaccinate before booking? Vaccination procedure applies only when embarking to the country and exiting the country.

Cinnamon bey beruwala 5