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Ferry from sweden to england

Детали учетной записи. Most rocks are well charted, so stay zoomed in on your plotter and you should be fine. Наши бренды. Freightlink PAY. FAQ для новых клиентов.

After a quick explore ashore we had breakfast on board and slipped the bow lines as Torgny hauled us out gently on the dropline. While Ewa readied the lines and fitted the boarding ladder, Torgny explored the anchorage under engine and noted anchor points in the rock. Having decided where to moor, he motored boatlengths off, hauled the 10kg Bruce out of the starboard quarter locker and threw it over the side onto the muddy bottom. The rope paid out round the mainsheet winch as we slowly closed the rocks, Torgny handed the helm to Ewa and went forward to jump ashore.

To thwart gusts on the beam Torgny fished out a metre webbing line, of the type usually kept on reels, wandered across to a rock off the windward beam, threaded the webbing through another anchor point and secured both ends to the port midships cleat. With four-point security, we felt able to explore the island. However, mainland industries offered an easier existence and by the early 20th Century the islands were abandoned.

He bred rare sea eagles and eagle owls, protected indigenous species and essentially turned the island into a nature reserve. In the reserve was established and parts of the archipelago are out of bounds between February and August to protect breeding bird colonies. Perhaps that sense of protection explains the innocence I felt there.

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A few years ago, a crane crushed her during a botched launch. A syndicate of ten enthusiasts restored the metre classic and she entertains her owners throughout the summer, each taking a week in turn. Any cruiser here needs a bag of bergskils, iron pegs that you can hammer into crevices to create mooring points We followed her into Koxviken on a clear transit.

With the boat secure we had time to look around at the natural, sheltered beauty of our overnight mooring. The hungry crew of Beatrice Aurore watch as Chris and photographer Stefan tend the grill After a brief ramble, during which I spotted none of the 50 fallow deer said to roam the island since their introduction in the s, I returned to the boat for a Swedish grill.

Food is prepped in the galley, cooked over charcoal ashore, then eaten on board. Food always tastes better when barbecued, better still in a wilderness. We ate and drank and watched the sun go down, and down, but night never fell. At midnight there was still enough light to read by. How wrong I was.

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This is why most Swedes see no need to wander far afield. Half a day earlier we were moored in a rock-strewn wilderness, teetering on the edge of civilization.

Now we were right in the heart of a vibrant European capital. It occurred to me that the residents of Sweden have a remarkable playground on their doorstep, unmatched anywhere in the world: sheltered, stunning and seemingly endless. Documentation Carry insurance documents, proof of VAT paid and any qualifications documents. Facilities vary but expect water, electricity, toilets, recycling, bins and often a bastu sauna. Find a second-hand one, or learn Swedish Buy folio charts locally or order for UK delivery.

Use GPS as a back-up, but eyeball navigation is essential and you must regularly update your position on the chart. The best pilot guide, the English language version of Arholma-Landsort and Gotland, is out of print with no plans to republish. Look for a second-hand copy. Currently, discharge is not permitted in harbours, lakes or canals. More pump-out facilities are being installed, even in anchorages.

Many islands have earth closets. Communications Telia network has the best cover in the archipelago. If you expect calls from Swedish friends, a local SIM will save them money.

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If only making calls, new roaming charges from July make a local SIM less necessary. Wi-fi is available in many harbours. Fuel Diesel from fuel docks contains no biodiesel, unless the station also supplies road users. Camping Gaz bottles can be exchanged in some places but bring a good supply from Germany or Denmark, or invest in a Swedish gas bottle, which can be exchanged anywhere in Sweden only.

Alcohol Beer at 3.

Helsinki to Stockholm on this FABULOUS Overnight Ferry!

Anything stronger means a visit to the state shops Systembolaget. Spirits are expensive but good wine is comparable to the cost in UK supermarkets. Medical Mosquitoes can be a problem, so take your insect repellent or buy locally. If possible fit fly screens to hatches or take netting with you. Ticks may carry TBE tick-borne encephalitis or Lyme disease. From the northern UK, head for the Skagerrak and Kattegat. This includes up to five nights in 21 marinas on the route.

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Дата добавления Любое время. Офисные здания. География и ландшафты. Stena line. Тара гора. Помогите нам сделать поиск удобнее. Отправить отзыв. Наша компания. Стоковые фотографии Стоковые видео Стоковые векторные изображения Редакционные изображения Избранные коллекции фотографий.

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Стоковые фотографии и видео Стоковые фотографии Стоковые видео Стоковые векторные изображения Редакционные изображения Избранные коллекции фотографий. Продавайте свои материалы Партнерам и реселлерам Международным реселлерам Съемки на мероприятиях Права и разрешения Разработчикам.

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Партнерам Продавайте свои материалы Партнерам и реселлерам Международным реселлерам Съемки на мероприятиях Права и разрешения Разработчикам. Юридическая информация.